What to know about Blue Cheese

About Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese requires a high threshold for dank, earthy flavors – it’s named after the most pungent cheese, after all, though it doesn’t taste as much like its namesake as you might expect. Instead, it has more of a dank, berry flavor. Using it, this 80/20 Indica-heavy hybrid can encourage incredible relaxation.

Big Buddha Seeds created the strain from a Cheese strain phenotype straight from the UK crossed with a hybrid male made from Blueberry and Big Buddha Cheese. The high slinks into your consciousness slowly but once it hits, it has a lot of great uses. Keep reading to find out what Blue Cheese is good for (other than salads).

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The Blue Cheese strain takes a little over 60 days to flower on average. Long before then, it’ll start to smell of berry and cheese, like a garden of appetizer platters. Prepare for a late September harvest and a good yield. Growers of most experience levels will be able to get 500-600g of usable bud per square meter of garden. The buds grow densely and the trichomes come in thick and sticky.

GROWING TIPS: Despite being easy to grow at an average yield, Blue Cheese is known for its high ratio of leaves to flowers, which means that it’s a difficult plant to trim. We recommend using the Sea of Green growing technique (or SOG) to get the most out of the plant. Blue Cheese also responds well to soil-based growing mediums as well as hydroponics setups, if you have one.

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